Polyfaces Movie Night

How will we make a change? This is the question posed by the makers of the film, Polyfaces, and it’s one we ask ourselves daily here at Mangarara. So we thought we’d gather all our friends and family around to watch the film with us.

Joel Salatin has been an amazing inspiration to us. We have devoured all his books, his talks and his teachings. This film is a four-year study into the four generations of Salatins on the farm Polyfaces. It shows how they are making a change, and we’re hoping it provides more inspiration for us to continue to make a positive difference on our farm and in our lives, and for you in your life.

We’re showing the film in the Eco Lodge on Thursday 5th May at 7:30pm. We hope that you’ll join us to catch up, have a cuppa, relax in front of the open hearth, and explore all the things we could be doing to make a change.

Tickets are $15 from our online Farm Shop and proceeds will go back to the film makers. We would love to see you there.

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