The Team

The Family Farm team continues to grow; at its heart are Greg, Rachel, George, Bill & Emma, Pipi (the dog) & Otis (the cat).

Rachel was born and raised on farms locally, whereas Greg grew up farming near Methven in the South Island. His parents shifted to Mangarara in 1991 where he soon joined them, meeting Rachel and happily settling on this beautiful piece of land.

Together Greg & Rachel, with the help of many, have farmed at Mangarara for 27 years. About 20 years ago they began to piece together the connections between how they were farming, the quality of food they produced, the impacts of conventional farming practises on our environment, & also the well-being of themselves and their community.
This journey has included attending and hosting many workshops and retreats exploring new ways of living and farming, including Greg attending a pivotal retreat in Findhorn, Scotland. Changes continue at pace and have led to a huge number of new relationships and partnerships that have changed the way they see and act in the world.

For more on the Hart Family’s journey towards a regeneration at Mangarara, you can check out:


Emma, William, Rachel, George and Greg Hart

The Future Farming Syndicate

We are very grateful to welcome the Future Farming Syndicate to the Mangarara Team, and particularly Chris Tremain as a Director.

The investment has allowed Mangarara to fast track several of it's Visions for the farm. With new solar water systems creating resilience in the hill country, the sylvapasture programme advancing at a much faster rate, and no relience of overseas owned banks. The biggest benefit is the shareholders that add to Mangarara's community.

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