We’re drawing to the close of our crowd funding campaign, and we are so grateful to have raised an enormous amount of money and gathered yet more supporters, more friends, and more active participants in improving the planet. We have three days left though, so if you’d like to, please help us to protect our waterways by donating here.


We planted more than 105,000 trees around our farm, and this winter saw 5000 plants go in around the now completely fenced-off Horseshoe Lake. It is now a haven for flora and fauna and we see the regeneration of life on the lake every day.


Swans taking flight from the lake. We have worked hard to restore and preserve this native habitat for swans and other wildlife.

Swans taking flight from the lake.

There are more people all around New Zealand who are working on planting their waterways, and they can also be supported through the Million Metres Streams funding projects. These are just some of the people who are making a choice to regenerate the earth – you can read more about them by clicking the links.

The Poulton Family: Manawatu

Pat and Sue O’Brien, Taharoa Trust


It is incredibly timely that we write a blog post now, which celebrates the people coming together all over New Zealand and protecting our waterways by planting them with native plants, a couple of weeks after the Havelock North water crisis.

If the Havelock North water crisis has left an awful taste in your mouth, then maybe you’re feeling like it’s time to investigate where your food is coming from. If you stand in the supermarket and think twice about where that meat, or those eggs, or that butter has come from – what practices those farms have in place to protect our waterways – then you’ll know that there’s a severe lack of clarity, transparency and information to help us buy with integrity.

This is one of the reasons why we’ve launched the Family Farm Meat Box – to connect people with our farm, so they can see all the things we’re doing to regenerate the environment. The Meat Box is an invitation to people to engage with us, their farmers – to engender a relationship of mutual support: you get a regular delivery of delicious regeneratively-grown meat to support your health and well-being, and The Family Farm gets your support to keep producing in this manner, and a livelihood to support their family while they’re doing it.

There are so many small ways we can improve the world by being conscious about what we choose to buy. There are fabulous websites now which promote items with life-time warranties, or repair contracts, or sustainably produced goods. Did you know that Patagonia denim is made using a dye that doesn’t harm the earth? Did you know that the production of denim is usually a terribly “dirty” one – find out more on Patagonia’s website.

We really encourage you to do all that you can to make “clean” choices with all your purchases – as many as you can anyway. This is what they call a consumer revolution, when we all say, “Enough!” and demand that producers do better by refusing to buy products that harm the earth or the people on it.

If you haven’t already, how about you start by signing up to the Family Farm Meat Club??

And let us know the sustainable and regenerative businesses you already support so we can give them a shout-out too.