What’s In a Meat Box?

What’s in a Meat Box will change each month. Here’s Why:

We are passionate about honouring each animal by using as much meat as we can from their carcass. So, we can’t just give you steak and mince, because there’s a whole lot of beef aside from that. We like to think of it as a culinary journey, an adventure, adding a little bit of spice to your family’s menus. But not too much.

Our butcher produces these cuts from our free-range cattle:
Scotch Fillet
Eye Fillet
Rump Steak
Top Side Roast
Stewing Steak (skirting steak, chuck steak, etc)


He produces these cuts from our free-range lamb:
French Rack
Whole Rump
Loin Chops
Lamb Shanks
Leg Roasts
Butterflied Shoulder


He produces these cuts from our free-range pork:
Bacon (and lots of it)
And sometimes, depending on the size and age of the pig, we will get the following pork cuts:
Pork Loin Chops
Pork Belly
Shoulder Roast
Pork Schnitzels.

The cuts you receive in your Meat Box depend on the size of each cut and the availability of the cuts. You’ll pretty much get something different each time, and probably some staples each time too. We aim to give you some things you know well, and some things that are an adventure, and for those, we’ll help you along the way with our Recipe Cards. All of it is produced on our farm, using Regenerative Agriculture principles, and offered to our collective of responsible, conscious consumers. You!

We sent out “Yellow Dot” boxes in December 2016, which had the following deliciousness in them:
Eye Fillet
Stewing Steak
Topside Roast
Butterflied Lamb Shoulder
Lamb Shanks

Our latest despatch, January 2017, was of “Green Dot” boxes, which were made up of:
Sirloin Steak
Stewing Steak
Beef Sasuages
Lamb and Mint Sausages
Lamb Loin Chops
Lamb Rack
Lamb Leg Roast

So, you can see that there are some similarities in each box, and also some variety. We’re constantly working to improve the Meat Boxes with the help of you – our supporters – so please let us know if you have a suggestion, a celebration, or a comment.