Permaculture garden

Amazing opportunity to “Live the Change”. Earth care, People care, Fair share.

We are excited to find a special person/couple/family to join us at Mangarara -The Family Farm who are passionate “foodies and growers” with experience in Permaculture design and ethics.

A recent partnership with Eastern Institute of Technology (Polytech in Hawkes Bay) has created a further opportunity to the existing need for education and a living demonstration of Permaculture, Regenerative Living and Reconnection with nature.

We are a diverse Regenerative farming operation with many enterprises that means we are almost self sufficient in food. Simply our vision is “Optimising Life” but we achieve this by committing to produce “healthy food, ethical animal husbandry, regenerative land stewardship, building community and the local economy and providing accommodation, education and inspiration”.

Beauty is at the heart of everything we do and so you will need to align with our vision of “Restoring Paradise

Mangarara is a diverse farming operation with many opportunities for you to become a part of. The core elements of this role are two-fold. One is setting up a Permaculture vegetable and education business. And the other is an employment relationship paying an hourly wage for cooking, cleaning and grounds maintenance at Mangarara Eco Lodge. We envision that the second will help support you financially while you get the business side up and running.

Permaculture Business

This opportunity will give you the chance to design and establish a 2.4ha permaculture paradise and own your own business. You will have the chance to purchase this block of land and in time build your own home. We are also happy to discuss options to help finance you onto the land. There is Macrocarpa timber and other natural building materials available on the farm.

There are immediate opportunities for you to sell your produce through the lodge. Income will be generated through sharing your knowledge and passion for growing healthy food, ecosystem restoration and sustainable living with visitors to the farm, organising workshops and courses. We will support you wherever possible and share our networks and branding (if desired).

We have a classroom from EIT ready to be shifted onto the site that could be developed to become accommodation and the education center.

View of the permaculture garden site

Employment Opportunities 

Mangarara Eco Lodge is a busy enterprise hosting families and corporate groups as well as many yoga retreats and education courses with a focus on Regenerative Agriculture. A highlight of life at Mangarara is creating opportunities for charities and people going through difficult times to experience the peace and tranquillity that the farm and Eco Lodge offer. The lodge was founded with the vision of “Connecting people through food” and so we need you as a casual employee to help us with cooking/catering, cleaning and maintaining a kitchen garden and the grounds around the lodge.

There are many other roles and employment possibilities at Mangarara such as marketing, IT, and farm work and so the employment relationship is quite flexible.


While the permaculture centre is being developed we have affordable accommodation available for you to stay on the farm.

Please email your application with a letter or video introducing yourself and telling us why you are interested as well as a CV to or phone us on 068584343 if you have questions or need more information.

See our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.

Essential elements of the position:

  • Permaculture vegetable garden establishment and education (as your own business).
  • Lodge cooking, cleaning and maintenance (as a casual contractor)

Optional elements of the role:

  • Marketing and IT (for a wage)
  • Renting a house at a subsidised rate
  • Buying land and building a home
  • Helping on the farm (for a wage)
  • Other value-add elements for your business (there is a commercial kitchen at the farm)