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Choose from The Family Farm’s free range beef, lamb or pork and choose delicious food that makes a difference.

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The Eco Lodge is your opportunity to embrace the rhythms of rural Hawke’s Bay, relaxing on the deck watching life on the lake, mucking in collecting free range eggs from the mobile hen house, or holding your own seminar in this stunning setting.

The Family Farm

Bringing people together to produce food in a way that supports and nourishes ourselves & the Earth. We're passionate about farming that makes a difference - and supporting a community of people who share those values.


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Cutting Lamb with a Fork

Five Reasons to Eat Local

1. It just tastes better.

Food that’s come to your table from somewhere nearby, is going to be closer to its original form that food that’s been shipped from overseas. Here at Mangarara, we think you’ll also be able to taste the good juju that goes into raising our animals. We pour heart and soul into our farm, starting with nourishing the soil that grows the animals’ food, and continuing on to working with an awesome butcher who respects each carcass that passes through his doors.

2. You’re connected to your food source.

One of our many passions at Mangarara is connecting people to their food source. We believe that grounding our lives in the soil that grows our food means we’re living lives that are connected to and constrained by the organic boundaries of nature. This means we’ll be putting less of a burden on the earth, less waste, less augmentation to grow un-seasonal crops, simply put: more harmonious food.

 3. You’re eating food that reflects the environment that you’re living in.

We are busy planting native plants on our property, inviting native bird life in, supporting flourishing populations of insects, and watching as all this leads to a very lively soil. Everything we do we approach from a standpoint of, what would be natural here? And we believe that this is the best way for New Zealanders to eat.

 4. You’re supporting the people in your community.

Supporting a local food producer sends so many ripples of community out into the world. We always chose to use local providers – accountants, lawyers, designers, butchers, anytime we can we use local people. Because, these are the people we walk past in the street. These are the people whose children go to school with our children. These are our friends and neighbours. Buying local builds communities.

 5. Supporting diversity.

We are so lucky to have a vast range of artisan producers of food in New Zealand and a huge interest in locally grown food, as can be seen by the flourishing Farmers’ Markets nationwide. Eating food produced by these dedicated people means that we’re all eating a varied diet, which is reflected in seasonal produce and quirky heirloom varieties. Find a Farmers’ Market near you.

Oh, whoops, there’s SIX! Most importantly,

6. Traceability

Pick up the phone, and you’re talking to the farmers who grew your meat. Honestly! what could be more transparent than that? Oh wait, come visit us!! We’d love to have you!



Polyfaces Movie Night

How will we make a change? This is the question posed by the makers of the film, Polyfaces, and it’s one we ask ourselves daily here at Mangarara. So we thought we’d gather all our friends and family around to watch the film with us.

Joel Salatin has been an amazing inspiration to us. We have devoured all his books, his talks and his teachings. This film is a four-year study into the four generations of Salatins on the farm Polyfaces. It shows how they are making a change, and we’re hoping it provides more inspiration for us to continue to make a positive difference on our farm and in our lives, and for you in your life.

We’re showing the film in the Eco Lodge on Thursday 5th May at 7:30pm. We hope that you’ll join us to catch up, have a cuppa, relax in front of the open hearth, and explore all the things we could be doing to make a change.

Tickets are $15 from our online Farm Shop and proceeds will go back to the film makers. We would love to see you there.

Happen Films

Jordan and Antoinette from Happen Films have done an amazing job capturing the essence of holistic management and regenerative farming here at Mangarara, capturing how our animals are essential to sequestering carbon, building soils and restoring our ecosystem, albeit one with humans involved!

Check it out by clicking the image. We would also encourage you to check out some of the other inspiring and informative videos Happen Films have produced!

Country Calendar

Recently Mangarara was showcased on the popular farming program Country Calendar.  It is great to get the feedback from people who believe in what we are doing on farm to restore the land and farm more consciously.