A guest post by Trudy Kessels.

When I was at school, I remember going to a science road show, and there being a column-like exhibition stand with a phone on top of it, at about my head-height. Which I guess is quite poetic, because what they were displaying was something I needed to mentally stretch to see, just like I actually needed to stand on tip-toe to see their display. It was very Sci-fi, sleek, minimalist, and oozing wow. It was a video phone. And they said that we would eventually ALL have access to video phones. My ten-year-old self went something like this, “What-everrrrrr!” But, whadddya know, we now walk around with video phones in our pockets. Who are these awesome people who can predict these things? How do they know what will become so prolific that my seven-year-old doesn’t comprehend a world without them?

When I think of the things that I don’t think have been invented yet, the first thing in my mind is the ability to share the taste of things. I mean, we can share sights and sounds really easily – but smells and tastes and more internal processes are still at the mercy of our descriptive, limited, language.

Which brings me to my point.

I cannot begin to describe to you how delicious our meals are at the moment. We had our first The Family Farm Meat Box delivered a couple of weeks ago and the calibre of our meals has been raised sky-high. Because, well, the meat is just awesome. I feel like a better cook, because the meat is so yummy. I’m totally taking credit for cooking when the credit needs to be given to the farmer, the animal, and the farm. Luckily, we do this at the start of each meal.

So far we’ve fine-dined on

  • Butterflied Lamb Shoulder, cooked with morrocan spices and roasted (frozen from the summer) golden queen peaches,
  • Scotch Fillet Steaks on a bed of wilted greens, topped with parsnip chips,
  • Corned Silverside (which blew all previous experiences and prejudices against this humble cut out of the water) with fresh coleslaw and mustard sauce,
  • and most deliciously, slow cooked Lamb Shanks a la Pete Evans.

See, my words are unfortunately flat marks on your screen and do a very poor job indeed of explaining just how delicious these meals have been. They were delicious because it’s the best quality meat I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. When our friends were over helping us eat the mahoosive Butterflied Lamb Shoulder, the Mama of that family sat with one arm around her two-year-old and cut the lamb with the edge of her fork. Can’t get much more tender than that!

I know I’m biased, and I know I’m employed by the farmer (!!) but, seriously, I can’t lie about these things. The only way you’re going to find out for yourself is to come on over for dinner (but give me some warning so I can tidy a bit) or order some for yourself. I highly recommend either!! I’ve just loaded about ten different individual cuts of meat onto the Farm Shop, and these limited-time offers are a great way to try the meat before you commit to a regular delivery of The Family Farm Meat Box. Go have a look!

So, I’m not so good at whipping out my phone and video-calling while we’re eating a meal – but here’s a snap my husband took when Joss helped him unpack our first ever Meat Box. I think she was impressed!

Joss Thumbs Up