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What’s In a Meat Box?

What’s in a Meat Box will change each month. Here’s Why: We are passionate about honouring each animal by using as much meat as we can from their carcass. So, we can’t just give you steak and mince, because there’s a whole lot of beef aside from that. We like to think of it as […]

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We’re drawing to the close of our crowd funding campaign, and we are so grateful to have raised an enormous amount of money and gathered yet more supporters, more friends, and more active participants in improving the planet. We have three days left though, so if you’d like to, please help us to protect our […]

Five Reasons to Eat Local

1. It just tastes better. Food that’s come to your table from somewhere nearby, is going to be closer to its original form that food that’s been shipped from overseas. Here at Mangarara, we think you’ll also be able to taste the good juju that goes into raising our animals. We pour heart and soul […]

Polyfaces Movie Night

How will we make a change? This is the question posed by the makers of the film, Polyfaces, and it’s one we ask ourselves daily here at Mangarara. So we thought we’d gather all our friends and family around to watch the film with us. Joel Salatin has been an amazing inspiration to us. We […]