Thank you to our Mangarara Partners

Air New Zealand Environment Trust (ANZET)

In 2008 we formed a partnership with ANZET with a vision of planting native trees on the marginal hill country on the farm and including native and food producing trees throughout the farm. This partnership included an access agreement which opens the farm up for the public to come and visit the native plantings. When people book an Air New Zealand flight online, they are encouraged to donate to the Trust. Much of Mangarara Station is steeper hill country, devoid of trees after more than 150 years of intensive farming. On the flatter land, two remaining areas of native vegetation, a podocarp forest and a lake and wetland, have been protected with QEII covenants. Thank you ANZET!

Air New Zealand Limited (Air NZ)

Our partnership began in 2008 and since then Air NZ has been our main sponsor for the Horseshoe Lake Kids Triathlon. Many Air NZ employees have come out to the farm over the years and enjoyed events such as the Farm Challenge Competition, which includes activities like drafting sheep and other rural challenges! Thank you Air NZ!

Kahikatea Farm

Just down the road from us, we have always supported this outstanding Certified Organic Nursery that produces the most healthy Food Forest Plants, vegetable seedlings, edible and medicinal herbs, companion plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. We thank Jo and Aaron for the many fruit, nut and other permaculture trees planted on the farm that came from plants they nurtured from seed, cutting or graft! They have extensive knowledge and also offer Permaculture Courses and Consultancy & Design.

Frank Accounting (formerly Cabbage Tree Accounting)

When we were looking for a cabbage tree image to use as our logo, we came across CTA as they had a lovely image on their website. Greg Byers of CTA in Auckland was so taken with what we were achieving on the farm; he agreed to let us use their image. On top of that, for every new client that CTA receives they donate $100 towards planting more trees on the farm.

The Family Farm In The Media

Air New Zealand Environment Trust Initiative

Mangarara Station in Hawke’s Bay will be the first recipient of the Air New Zealand Environment Trust, which has been established to fund research and development into alternative fuels and support projects that enhance New Zealand’s clean, green reputation around the world. See the video to learn more about the Mangarara Station project.

Eggs, eggs, eggs…

As you may know we sell our ‘great eggs’ at Waipawa Wholefoods and over the last few months it has been nearly impossible to get them due to high demand and laying slowing down over winter.

We are excited to have another 100 pasture roaming hens on the farm! They are now installed in their own “egg mobile” thanks to the amazing Tony (our “can do” man) and Josh (the handy WWOOFer) who have just completed our latest portable hen house.

It has been very interesting watching these hens adapt to their new environment. After being reared the “conventional” way they have had a lot of new experiences over the last few days, including grass and the great outdoors. Lucky hens!

Book for Spring at the Lodge

Spring is upon us and the Lodge is looking fantastic!

We have completed the stunning “tadelakt” wall art round the fire place; beautiful new shelving in the lounge and kitchen; art work in the bedrooms and historic photo collections. The vegetable gardens are full, as is lake (nearly) and bookings are coming in nicely!

We are booked for Christmas & New Year but Labour weekend is still available. If you are coming to the Hawkes Bay A&P Show or know of someone who is – it would be the perfect base to unwind after a big show day. Or it would make a fabulous “chill-out” zone before the “silly season” is upon us!

Book now

Phone: 06-8584343

Great Pork Here!

Have you ever tasted delicious grass and milk fed Pork?
We have good cuts available so be in quick.

Pork Belly (divine); Pork Belly Slices (delectable cassoulet); Pork Chops (Jamie Oliver knows how to cook ’em); Pork Mince (makes the best lasagne ever); Pork Roast (crackle!), Pork Shoulder (slow cooked – heaven); Pork stir-fry (easy); Pork Schnitzel

This is the best quality “truely” free-range pork on the market. The majority we sell at $15/kg, with our premium Pork Belly and slices, being $20/kg.
We have a limited supply of delicous manuka smoked, honey cured bacon made by The Village Butcher – $25/kg

Try some.. It’s lip smackingly good!

Other cuts may also be available, please feel free to ask. We are presently working on an online shop, but for now – phone or email.

You can contact us on 06-8584343 or email:

Meet the Harts

Mangarara Station, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, Monday, 2 February 2015. Credit: Hagen Hopkins.

Mangarara Station, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, Monday, 2 February 2015. Credit: Hagen Hopkins.


I am struggling to describe myself right now I guess I could sum it up by saying I love life! And care about all who share this planet with me. I count myself very fortunate that I grew up on a farm in the most beautiful country in the world, and have had the opportunity to be educated to a level of BAg at Massey University and then my real education began when I got into the big wide world. After working for a couple of years in an Agricultural Consultancy firm I traveled the world for two years spending time working (and playing rugby) in Africa, England and Sweden.

I worked in a couple of administrative roles before returning to the farm, the last being Grain Marketing Manager for a large grain and seed company. Rachel and I have lived and worked on the farm for the last 12 years.


Grew up on a farm not too farm from Mangarara. She is the ‘mortar to the bricks’ of the farm, taking care of the people. the administration and the food associated with The Family Farm.


Who is the eldest, will gladly engage with our many visitors, especially those that might participate in a game or two of tag, Bull-rush or Capture the Flag. He is a big reader, loves his Lego and Minecraft, if only his Mum and Dad would let him have it at home! 😉


Has similar interests to his brother but likes to sit back a bit and assess a situation before he goes jumping in. He has a fabulously dry sense of humor and loves a good board game challenge. Bill is great mates with both his brother and sister.


Is pretty much into anything that is going on at the farm and loves getting stuck in to help with whatever is going on. She is a budding artist and chef and loves spending time with Pipi and adventuring.


Our beautiful Burmese cat who is the hunter and controls the rabbit population.


They say a picture paints a thousand words…. Life is great for a pup at Mangarara!